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Beginner Guitar Lessons

Below is a list of Free Sample Lessons to get you started on learning the basics on the guitar. The lessons should be done in order and revised regularly until all the information is memorised.

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Lesson 13

Learn two methods for tuning the guitar

Lesson 12


Lesson 11

Learn how to find all the notes on the guitar and how to apply that knowledge to name bar chords in different positions


Lesson 10

Learn how to play loads of songs with this simple numbering technique.


Lesson 9

How to learn any song with the slow method, the song used in this lesson is "Land Down Under"

 Lesson 8

A further look into blues patterns and using a different style of playing it using the same count

Lesson 7

Teaches the B7 chord...but it also gives a little insight to the 12 bar blues and uses the B7 in the key of E

Lesson 6

Learn how to play a major bar chord using the E shape

Lesson 5

Learn about the F chord and also an outline of how to play 'House of the Rising Sun' with the F chord and the picking style from last week


Lesson 4

Teaches you a basic picking pattern using the pick and the fingers and also gives you the introduction to the song 'Everybody Hurts' by REM to use as a practice tool for the style of picking shown

Lesson 3

Learn the G & C chords and the song 'Last Kiss' by Pearl Jam with a strum along section at the end of the video.

Lesson 2

Shows you the minor versions of the chords from lesson 1. Am-Em-Dm

Also a song you can learn to practice your chords is called 'The Only Exception' by Paramore


Basic finger exercise that will give your fingers a great work out.

Lesson 1

This lesson outlines the parts of the guitar and introduces you to how to hold the pick, press the strings and read chord diagrams learn the 1st basic chords,  A D & E