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Setting Goals

Setting goals is the most important thing that anyone can do in there life, theoretically everything originates from a planned or unplanned goal. Just getting up in the morning was originally a goal, and every thing you do throughout the day is a series of goals and outcomes. So if that is the case, the quality of your goals should reflect the quality of your life right? What I mean by planned and unplanned goals is, that even if you are unaware of it, you are planning goals on the run and hoping for a positive outcome every time. When you get a negative outcome you blame luck/the economy/God or whatever suits your needs. If you were to put some time and effort into setting your goals I promise you the failure rate would drop, maybe even disappear altogether.

I'm sure most of you are probably thinking this sounds too easy, or too good to be true right? Well it really is that simple. It is the planning that makes it work. Ask anyone you consider successful how they achieved so much and they will tell you with hard work and a plan. You have to also believe in yourself to reach a goal and this is why you need a plan to avoid self sabotage when you begin to get results. Yes that's right, many people self sabotage when they get closer to a dream for countless reasons, but the main one is the fear of change. I'll lose my friends if I succeed for example, true friends will motivate you and stay your friends no matter how successful you become so scrap that thought. There are countless reasons people set themselves up for failure, another reason is they are comfortable being the same every day and never improving. I put it to you that standing still in life is not life at all, we have statues for that! You are a human BEING so go out and 'be' something. Keep moving towards something and that will make your life more than you ever dreamed!

So how to begin setting a goal. There are two types of goals, long range and short range. Long range goal maybe something like 'I want to be the manager of my department within 5 years' Now this may sound completely nuts to anyone who knows you, you might get all the negative comments in the world but if you follow the plan you will surprise everyone.

So your short term goals to achieve the goal of Manager in your work place.....perhaps set as a daily goal to dedicate 1 solid hour of your free time to research what courses are available to help you attain this role. Sign up for the courses, find the money and pay for it. Then write down every idea for 20 minutes straight every day for 7 days that would get you closer to the goal, who to talk to, find out the ladder of roles you will have to climb etc. and after 7 days you will have a list so long you will be amazed. You can now use that list as a daily reminder of the things you must do to get you closer to the goal. When you complete the list, repeat the process as you will now have new ideas believe me, your knowledge is growing! You are building a better you just by achieving goals, small goals yes but one day they will become large ones and you will be amazed yourself when you get much so that you will set a higher goal, perhaps the state manager....or even national....maybe CEO? Ask a CEO of a company to give you the rewind of how he ended up in that position, there is a high chance they got there by ever growing goals.

Things to remember

This is not going to be easy, you have to work! 

What you consider failure is a learning experience, learn and move forward!

If you can't complete a goal, restructure it in a positive way that will get you closer to the main goal. Keep your eyes on the prize!

Stay specific with your goals, do not aim aimlessly. Set solid time frames and keep to them

Do not listen to the negative input from others, stay focused on your goals. These are your goals and no one else's and only your opinion matters. Stay positive by achieving small goals regularly and keep focused on the goal at hand.


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