What are the Benefits of Learning Guitar?

This question popped up the other night at friends place when they where inquiring about booking in some lessons with me at their child's school and I pondered for a moment and begun to explain -

Music is technically a language, and by learning how to make your instrument 'speak' this language opens a part of the mind that will create a sense of wonder and eagerness to go further into the language. The guitar can become addictive in this way and since music is a form of self expression, people of all ages can relate. Just think for a moment, sometimes a piece of music touches us in a way that can lead to laughter or even tears, or just bring back memories of great or sad times...even past moments that had taken a backseat in your mind can be relived with the right song or even just a style of music. 

Music can also alleviate stress, I can't tell you how many times I have been overthinking a problem and the guitar has help clear my mind. If I'm feeling down, a cheerful upbeat song can change my mood very quickly. If I'm feeling too serious about something unimportant, a silly song soon fixes that! Teenagers can benefit greatly from guitar, being a tough time for them feeling all sorts of mixed feeling like overly self conscious, stressed or just confused music can help build confidence and self esteem.

Pre-teens can benefit greatly from music also as it creates better learning capabilities, increased motor skills and improves creativity!

I have had older students of retirement age that have taken on guitar and they have expressed a feeling of joy making their own music and also a new thirst for knowledge! 

So there are many benefits from learning to play the guitar and age is no barrier, I have taught students from 6 years old to 76 years old and all have progressed accordingly. So unless there a physical reasons why you cannot play, I truly believe anyone can learn guitar with enough determination and dedication and a good teacher. By the way there is a guy on YouTube with no arms who plays guitar quite well with his feet and toes....determination and dedication!

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