Learning is Easy, once you Learn How...

When you are a teacher for some period of time you realise the importance of what you are doing. You are sharing the knowledge you have learned and hopefully in a more progressive way than you were taught, while remaining thorough. With guitar the difficulty lies with students who want to be playing songs in no time and are not interested in the fundamentals.

Thanks to YouTube tutorials there isn't much you can't learn online....perhaps a medical degree would prove difficult....but if you weren't after a qualification I am sure you could learn how to remove your own stitches. Ok fine I'll check, sure thing, here is a video on removing stitches/sutures. 

So what motivated me to write this? Well I guess it's because I personally never stop learning. My new dog chewed a plug from an appliance (not plugged in thankfully) and I wanted to have it repaired. I called my brother the electrician but he was far to busy to get out and I needed it done that day. So I took to YouTube, found a 2 minute instructional video and viola! Now I know how to change a plug AND remove stitches!! Now I will say it took me quite a while to change the plug and it looked a little less than perfect but it was done safely and correctly and works just fine, my brother came over later that night to check it out, he worries about me awww... I'll get him on one of my videos one day you'll like him. His name is Vince, great guy. I digress..

So although it took some time, and was a little less than perfect looking, with a little practice I would have plugs looking as good as a professional. After doing a few hundred plugs I would find faster and smarter ways to do them, perhaps new techniques or tools to make it easier. You see where I am going with this don't you? I know nothing about electrical and I am terrified of being electrocuted (who isn't right) but I am also confident with the correct training and repetition of work that it would become a skill that others would admire. The same is said for the guitar, what others see as a skill I see as a result of passion mixed with desire and enforced by repetition, analysis and redesign when necessary.

So there you have it, that is my interpretation of how anything is learned. You can't learn EVERYTHING there is to learn so focus on what you really like and make it fun and I assure you that you will get there. The more focus and energy you place on learning a particular thing the better you will be at it. There are no tricks, it's all about consistency and passion coming together....in time you will get there. Only aim to be a little better than you were yesterday, that way your competition is right there behind you....pushing you forward...to always get better!

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