How I Became a Guitar Teacher

I thought I'd start off by explaining how it is I got here. My name is Angelo Cardamon and I am a guitarist/teacher/enthusiast you may say, I have played and taught the guitar for many years. My mother taught from the spare room at our home in the late 1980's and I restarted teaching from the same room in 2011! Yes all these years later I have headed in the same direction as my mother and I am happy to have done so.

Back in 2011 I was made redundant from a job I had in paper recycling, at first I thought I was doomed and would never find another job as well paying as it was. Until one day I realised the money and long hours never made me truly happy and that the one thing that did make me happy was playing guitar and I thought sharing the knowledge would be fun, easy and possibly profitable. After discussing it with Kara (my partner) she agreed that I reopen the spare room as a tutoring studio and start advertising for beginner guitar students.

I opened a Facebook page titled Angelo's Guitar Lessons and waited for the numbers to grow. Admittedly It was a slow process but over the next few years I slowly built up a reputation and contacts that now has me teaching within a local public school to over 30 students every week! Although it is still not a full time job I am doing something I enjoy and that is worth more than money. I also hold a part time job at the local supermarket that helps ends meet and keeps me active. I love working there, the people are all friendly and It is nice to see all the locals on a regular basis.

Teaching guitar is very rewarding, I love seeing students get excited when they achieve a goal on the guitar but most of all seeing the direction they choose to go in. You see I don't teach in the classical method as I found I was losing a lot of students in the beginning by limiting them to one style of guitar. So I begun focusing on the foundations while at the same time teaching them a style that they liked. Theory can be found in all styles and this is where my job comes into play. My aim is to teach the song of their choice and create a lesson from the song. The students retain the theory lesson more if they find it relates to their favourite artist, and they learn by default. Mission accomplished.

As of 2017 I have been working on expanding my website, from building an online store to offering free sample lessons on the website weekly. And if you're still here reading, you will notice that I am now writing blogs :-)

Some friends have asked me 'why on earth would you give lessons away for free'

My answer is a simple one, there is an endless amount of information out there and we can all learn it, it's even accessible from your smart phone and a quick google search but still we don't do it. Most people need a guide or a mentor to help them along while there learning and that is totally normal. Myself as an example, I took my mothers guitar lesson sheets when I was young and hid in my room teaching myself for months until one day she heard me and said 'you know you play quite well, lets see what else you can learn' and once she took me under her wing, my knowledge grew by leaps and bounds. Sadly I lost my mother in 1994 to cancer and had no teacher for a while, but I sourced other guitar teachers later to help me learn more and now I am always looking for faster ways to teach others. It always helps to have a teacher guiding you and help you eliminate mistakes before they become habit.

If you are a complete novice on the guitar feel free to check out my video lessons on the site. Or go directly to my YouTube channel and subscribe for regular video lessons.


Well this brings me to a close, hope you enjoyed the quick read and if you have any questions regarding availability feel free to contact me via email and I will get back to you asap.

Please keep in mind that I am located in the MacArthur region of Sydney Australia and only provide lessons from my home based studio located in Kearns NSW. I also offer in school hours group tuition. If you are a school principal or C.A.P.A. director feel free to email me for more information.